Viaje a Luxor, 2014
30 x 38 cm

Last year I had the chance of travel to Luxor, Egypt. The opportunity arose unexpectedly. The trip consisted of taking part in an artistic project for 3 months and it would take place in a week. I found myself in the situation of having to change completely, in a very short time my everyday life, having to give a resounding twist to a very near future.

For a week I was preparing myself psychologically for this great change. Adjusting mentally to a new totally different situation. The shortness of the available time to get to this new idea made my imagination fly, and stimulated by stress which implies boarding on something unknown, i started to create a parallel world of invented images: a confusing collage of intuitions and prejudices.

The imagination is shown as a natural defense system, recreating future possibilities; Images that occur to a real process of adaptation, a creative suggestion that also encourages us to put us in a good way, to project ourselves in good way over the new medium. The imagination is transformed into a mechanism of survival, working as an engine of creation of sensitive useful information.

In the end, that trip did not never carried out. Even so, I got to think, dream, feel that I was there... and its memory, still exists.